Newpost - Penampakan kerap kali semarakkan berbagai tayangan, baik yang diunggah pada youtube bahkan dalam media-media elektronik. Entah, bagaimana analisa dari...

TopTren TopTren 01 October 2018

No release date yet, but already a virtual fox in augmented reality to help us find ourselves in the streets. Who better than Googles Maps can...

Allison Allison 19 May 2018

The US financial policeman fined Altaba, Yahoo's successor, for failing to inform its shareholders of the cyberattack of the former Web giant in 2014.

Allison Allison 19 May 2018

In terms of privacy, Facebook does not treat its employees on the same level as its million...

Allison Allison 12 May 2018

Android Go, the entry-level operating system of Google, could be sold on a new model of smartphones to 30 euros. Android runs...

Media Media 12 May 2018

Increasingly used in the medical world, artificial intelligence can now be used to model human cells in 3D, in order to better understand how they work.

Media Media 12 May 2018

New way to connect without password when surfing on the web, A new standard soon integrated with browsers,many tabs are often open simultaneously, email sevi...

Media Media 07 May 2018

(Westia ) : West♫ West ♪  Your Press will Fly with Birds , WestiaPR is a social media tool and OPEN Blog inspired ...

admin admin 04 May 2018

Today marks an important milestone for the Humu team, Humu is a human resource company that makes work better through science and machine learning.

Media Media 04 May 2018
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