Thousands of investors scammed on binary and forex trading websites

- Published: 07 May 2018
Thousands of investors scammed on binary and forex trading websites

(CITINVESTING.COM, May 07, 2018), Due to the large number of frauds around Forex companies, especially the fraudulent binary options company, we felt that we should expose many of the tropics to overthrow investors after years of experience. Sometimes we have to venture to pay for the right of reply Evaluation and public opinion.

The technique is always the same: the user, baited by a promise of significant gains over a short period, goes to a website offering different investments. A UK telephone number is indicated in order to "obtain more information". Someone who presents himself as a "counselor" and speaks impeccable English, French or Arabic suggests to his interlocutor an online training to learn to control the strings of the Stock Exchange or a "safe" investment. The trap is in place, the scammer has only to wait until his victim put all or part of his savings to recover the bet. "Most" trades "(exchange trades) are practiced by telephone on the instructions of the coach, which encourages you to new payments to" remake "and compensate for losses that happen quickly. Bonus, premium account, privileges: all means are good to convince you to persevere, "says the Autorité des marchés financiers on its website. When the individual realizes the scam, it is too late: the number that was provided to him no longer responds and the site can disappear overnight. Before being reborn under a new name and seducing new prey.

90% of investors lose money
At first marginal, these scams have multiplied in recent years. Between 2014 and 2018, these include companies that are not licensed by regulatory bodies, as well as some licensed brokers by CySec, despite the keenness of the regulatory body to adopt a strict law to control their activities, but these companies work on background, so some companies carry or claim to have a license under "Execution of Orders on Behalf of Clients". This is the biggest financial trap for dreaming investors, as our experience in the field, this is the biggest fraudulent method by causing entire loss of the account in favor of the company In a deliberate manner.

There is something for investor should know that the company will obtain a his signature on a contract to manage the account on his behalf. Under the fraudulent conditions: compensation can not be claimed in case of loss and the company or consultant is not liable for any damage, this disclaimer carries a degree of awareness and knowledge of risk.

These companies which offer investments allegedly very profitable but especially very risky. "The risk is at the end of the click," typically these companies based in israel, by using paid number in UK, France, prevention is still the best way to fight these frauds, extremely complicated to dismantle and punish. Despite appearances, people operating behind fraudulent websites are located abroad , most often in countries that do not cooperate with the UK authorities.


Through the companies that we invested a small amount, to detect the nature of greed and fraudulent methods, from these companies we have Binarybook and we no1options which lastly closed their website, very sure that the two companies do not have any licenses, but the investigation was completed, In order to target the Arab countries and to recruit French speakers to target the European region, the company claims to have a headquarters in London, and the same company No 1 and Ptions claimed the same thing. After a large investment deal to visit the company's headquarters, That the transaction must take place in one For hotels or private places

However, we have sent a private investigator to check the existence of the company, showing that it does not exist, and that the address written on the site is an imaginary address.

One last thing, So if you have been hit and scam at least once, and your money has been robbed by a company, you should expect that more fraud and false hopes will be woven around you, to overthrow you again, that once the first company has disappeared After you have profiled, you will generate a new company with another name, so they will use the database for the investors who have fallen into the trap of naivety, (excuse this word), but this fact is nothing easier than an infected prey, for that case if you receive a COLD Call from a company that you never registered with, beware 99% is a scam.


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