Sauron alert warns Facebook employees when someone Spy their profile

- Published: 12 May 2018
Sauron alert warns Facebook employees when someone Spy their profile
In terms of privacy, Facebook does not treat its employees on the same level as its millions of users.
Promised, it's only for good reasons. The Wall Street Journal revealed on May 3 that a small team of social security workers and its users can "see information that users generally consider private, such as photos and posts. shared only with friends, or unencrypted messages ". Many have tried to take advantage over the years, and have been fired, reports the US site
According to Facebook, these rare employees can only access our account without our knowledge to "diagnose technical errors, test new features or investigate potential criminal behavior in response to a judicial request". And of course, we'll never know they've been there. Except ... if you work for Facebook.
The Sauron alert

"As soon as a Facebook employee accesses a colleague's personal profile, he or she receives a generally qualified notification from the Sauron alert company," says the Wall Street Journal. reference to the eye that sees everything in "The Lord of the Rings". She changed her name in 2015, and is now more soberly called "Security Watchdog", reports Gizmodo

Facebook has a 'Sauron Alert' to protect employees’ privacy—but not yours

— Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) May 4, 2018
This double standard can seem very unfair (why only Facebook employees are notified of these "visits"?), But according to Facebook, it is for the sake of its users that not everyone has access .

"Before you think about deploying this feature to everyone, there are a number of factors to consider, such as how to avoid warning bad actors, or to hinder what we are working on when we try to prevent dramas to occur in some cases, or handle other sensitive situations. "

It also remains to be seen if we really want to be alerted by a notification can not be more creepy when a Facebook employee comes to take a ride on our profile.

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