Dubai : The Pad Building inspired by iPod nano

- Published: 19 May 2018
Dubai : The Pad Building inspired by iPod nano

An apartment complex under construction in Dubai is inspired by the design of iPods, as confirmed by their architect.

The Pad is a technologically advanced apartment complex. The structure is tilted 6 degrees and its designis inspired by the second generation iPod nano. Initially, the structure was called "iPad Tower", but the name was dropped so as not to risk the potential legal repercussions of Apple.

Work on this 24-storey complex began in 2006 and was scheduled to end in 2010, but a series of economic problems have led to serious delays.

This has allowed for the implementation of a series of technologically advanced solutions in the apartments, such as the bathroom that analyzes the health data of the person and shows them on a mirror or wall that simulates different places thanks to special projections .

There are also advanced devices for listening to music and intelligent management of the lighting system. HomeKit accessories compatible with the iPhone and iPad should soon be implemented.