Ladies, Here’s How You Slay The Leather Jacket Look

- Published: 19 October 2018

Leather jackets aren’t limited to a specific gender. Back in the days of 1950s fashion, leather jackets were designed for both genders. 

If you’re a woman of style who’s been thinking of getting herself a leather jacket, there are a few things you should be aware of. 

If you take out the time to selectively buy the most suitable leather-based jacket, you’ll create a more stylish and comfy look — and that’s what every fashionista strives for.

A simply exquisite leather jacket is able to make an extraordinary impact in your wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at how many outfits you can pair it with!

Here’s a list of some of the best seller ladies leather jackets to explore the adventurous side of you.

  1. The Rockstar

The Rockstar will surely give you the rocking look with the snap down epaulettes. This rocker chic jacket also includes :
- Asymmetrical zip front
- Zipper chest pockets, Two zipper lower pockets & Two inner pockets
- Zipper on each sleeve
- Snap down coin pocket
- Lower front belt detail

  1. The Side Lace Force

Here’s a gangster style jacket for all the women out there who sport a rowdy side. The Side Lace Force is specially made from Soft Milled Cowhide of 1.1-1.2mm thickness. The side lace detail and 5 snap front give the jacket an exciting new look. Hidden center front zipper behind front snaps for wind protection. The jacket has a zip-out, full-sleeve, quilted, high performance insulated thermal liner for extra warmth as well as stretch liner arm for comfort while riding. Its heavy snaps and Original YKK zippers are non-rusting, and non-corroding.

  1. The Rider

What more you can ask for beyond the Rider? The matchless jet black Rider Jacket is exclusively made for the tough women bikers.
The Standup collar adds more toughness in this black Rider jacket.
This style statement is complemented by the single snap shoulder epaulette, and quilted panel detail on each shoulder.

The rider also sports the following unique features:
- Lower zippered pockets with nail head details.
- Zipper on each sleeve.
- Two inner pockets.
- Quilted kidney belt detail.
- Full sleeve zip out liner.

  1. Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess jacket stands out among all the leather jackets as it is made for all the warrior women out there. The royal look of this jacket makes it something extraordinary. Not only this but it also available in two colors - the jet black and anthracite gray.
The Warrior Princess sports a light aniline cowhide asymmetrical zip scooter style jacket with military patched stitching on shoulder, a double snap collar, and left vent zip. It also consists of two side pockets, and two interior pockets action back, lower zip vent on back, and removable liner for wearing through every season.

Here’s a little guide that how you can rock with best quality women jackets.

  1. Chase The Rainbow

There’s nothing wrong with black or brown leather-based jackets. These are the most famous shades of women’s leather jackets. However, you may have the urge to experiment with different colorings, such as maroon, grey, teal, purple or even orange. These colors create a fresh impact on the traditional leather-based jacket. These stylish hues create a unique appearance that’s sure to turn heads. Just keep in mind to pick a color which suits your personal clothing style the best.


  1. Don’t Go Against The Grain

While choosing a leather jacket, make sure which type of leather is used in the jacket. Sadly, not all leather jackets are made of the excellent quality of leather. If you need original leather jacket it is highly recommended that you spend extra money on a top class, leather jacket and I assure you that it will be worth it. So, how do you understand if a leather jacket is excessive high-quality? Try to find out which leather was used. Full grain leather is accepted by all as first-class, top quality leather as it comprises the authentic grain without altering. It’s commonly softer, extra supple and consists of a more uniform color and tone than lower standard types of leather.


  1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

If your leather-based jacket has buttons or a zip on the front, don’t zip it up. Leaving the front open will make you look much better as it will make your shirt/top visible. If you are wearing an appealing top/shirt that go with your outfit, this can have an exquisite effect on your appearance.

Try only to zip or button up the front of your leather jacket when you feel like its cold out there. For all other events, it’s perfectly alright to leave the front open so that your underlying top/shirt will compliment your look.


  1. Don’t Give It The Cold Shoulder

In the end, it’s essential that you take care of your leather jacket. Even though it’s a jacket manufactured from full-grain, premium quality leather, it'll nonetheless require some extra care to keep its authentic appearance and quality. With this basic maintenance you can keep your jacket for a lifetime and there will be very little risk of damage. Your leather jacket can also dry out over the years, it might develop cracks and fade out. So store it in the right conditions.


By giving your leather jacket a little care you could prevent this damage. This means spot cleaning your jacket in couple of months, also conditioning it with a leather-based conditioning product like saddle cleaning soap. With a little bit of cautions, you may keep and protect your leather jacket from damage.


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